Good advice from Mary C. Granahan

“You learn a lot in 100 years” was the theme of Dodge’s 2015 Super Bowl commercial. To tie in with Dodge’s own 100th anniversary, the commercial featured centenarians giving advice on how to live to such a ripe old age.
“Always tell the truth,” one said.
“There are miracles all around you,” added another.
“Keep your eyes open,” offered another, “and your mouth shut.”
“Never forget where you came from,” said one more.
As I watched the game and the commercials I had no idea there was an email waiting for me from my friend Tom Granahan. He was writing to tell me his mother had died earlier that day.
Mary Granahan was also 100 years old. She would have turned 101 on March 21.
Most likely completely unaware of the Dodge commercial, Tom had included some advice from his lovely mom. It went like this:
If you asked Mary what was her secret to living such a long and healthy life (she took no medications to the end, despite being married for 50+ years to a Pittston Junction pharmacist) the answer would likely be …‘meat’… preferably red meat served with boiled veg-i-t-ables … also ‘you should enjoy the occasional Manhattan, sneak a smoke every now and then, and don’t worry too much about how old you might really be at any given time.’
Oh, and … ‘never own anything you can’t carry in the sleeves of your sweater.’ That’s the secret.

“Life was very good to Mary Granahan,” Tom continued. “What she didn’t want to know, she pretended not to see, but still committed all to heart, where a lucky few could occasionally glimpse a small piece of everything unseen but measured … not forgotten. If that’s an enigma then yes, that was the troubled and untroubled Mary, darling of quite a few.
“Anyone who would ever argue the effectiveness of that strategy was wrong, and as proof, is long, long gone. And now, finally, so is she.”
Surviving besides Tom are son Jack Granahan, and daughters Molly Gillespie and Jane Macking.
You can read the full obituary at citizens

Ed Ackerman