With vacation time here

My measure of a pizza is how the leftovers hold up cold next next morning. Some mighty fine pizzas hot out of the oven just don’t have it the next day.
My measure of a book is how it makes time disappear. If I’m late for an appointment because I wound up reading for two hours when it only seemed like one, well, that’s a good read.
My measure of a movie is am I thinking about it the day after. Is it on my mind the minute I open my eyes in the morning?
And, crude as it may sound, my measure of a hotel room is how conveniently the toilet paper holder is located.
I know you know what I’m talking about.
When on vacation you should not have to fear wrenching your back just to grab some toilet paper.
I don’t know why hotels don’t put that on their marquees and websites. Ocean view. Free HBO. Complimentary breakfast. Toilet paper in easy reach. I’d be sold.

Ed Ackerman