Slow down on side streets

It’s like a cold glass of water in the face that sign in the yard on Foote Avenue, Duryea, right where it becomes Parsonage Street, Pittston.
“Drive like your child lives here,” it reads.
If that does not make a motorist slow down I don’t know what will.
It speaks to something I’ve said and written about for years: slow down on side streets.
I really don’t care if someone is driving 85 mph on Route 81 or the Pennsylvania Turnpike. I don’t do that now but I used to. Then it occurred to me one day how many times I’ve come upon a piece of a two-by-four or even a cinder block in the middle of a major highway. At 55 or even 65 I can easily steer around such things, or even keep control if I hit one. But not at 85 or 90. So why take the risk?
Still, the stakes of speeding on a side street in a neighborhood, even going 45 or 50, are far greater than speeding on a major highway. You aren’t going to hit a kid on a bicycle on the turnpike. But on a side street? With cars parked on both sides? In summer?
If anything, drivers in neighborhoods should be even more cautious than the posted speed limit suggests.
Crawl along those narrow side streets. Crawl along like your child lives there.
And as for that guy right behind you riding your bumper. Well, he doesn’t know it, but instead of honking the horn and throwing the finger, he should be thanking you. You may be saving him from a tragedy too.

Ed Ackerman