Come play under the bingo tent

A former student once described my teaching style as “playful.”
“I’ll take that,” I said.
Of all the teachings of Christ one of my favorites is “be childlike.” To me that means don’t lose your innocence, don’t lose your sense of curiosity, expect good things to happen, approach every one and every thing with a loving heart, and, yes, be playful.
I’ve always maintained that you can do very serious work with a playful attitude. In fact, it’s the best way to do serious work.
Whether it’s been newspapering or teaching, I’ve always said I take what I am doing very seriously, I just don’t take myself very seriously.
And if I can maintain playfulness in a newsroom or a classroom, imagine how playful I can be calling bingo.
But some of you don’t have to imagine because some of you have joined me in past years under the bingo tent at the St. John the Evangelist Parish bazaar. We’ve had a lot of fun together and I plan to replicate it again tomorrow night (Saturday, August 8).
I can’t have fun alone, however, so I am encouraging everyone to stop by, enjoy the great food and fellowship, and sit down for a game or two of bingo. If nothing else, you can enjoy listening to the “professional” bingo players yell at me about what I am doing wrong.
Primarily it’s “Slow down!”
Except when it’s, “Speed up!”
Sometimes it’s, “Dontcha got any Ns in there?”
I take it all in stride. And sometimes give it back. Like when I say, “Oh, what’s this on the ground? Gee, it’s B-3. Wonder how long that’s been lying there.”
I am scheduled from 8 to 10 p.m.

Ed Ackerman