The antidote

Summer’s gone, ain’t comin’ back
although the weather’s been hot.
Thank God there’s sports to see me through
or I’d be so distraught.

The speed with which a summer flies
could leave me oh so low.
‘cept the U.S. Open is underway.
That’s tennis, if you didn’t know.

But not just tennis to guys like me.
It’s much, much bigger than that.
The fourth and final Grand Slam event
keeps me from feeling flat.

Roger and Rafa and Novak and Andy
I’m counting on pulling me through
when the finality of a Labor Day cookout
can leave me feeling blue.

But it’s not just tennis providing the salve
for my end-of-summer wounds.
The pennant races are heating up
and football can’t start too soon.

It’s hard to say which one works better
the college game or the NFL,
but summer ending without our sports
would be a living hell.

Ed Ackerman