Not bananas

I could never figure out how any sane person, knowing what we now know about cancer, could continue smoking.
Until they told us about the sun.
As a lifelong sun worshiper, it was remarkably easy to put my head in the sand (pun intended) regarding melanoma.
And just like that, I understood smokers.
Yes, I eventually listened. Sunblock of 30 or more is now my best friend.
And I can live with that.
But all summer long the internet has been telling me about yet another thing to fear: bananas.
Over and over I keep seeing lists like “10 things to never eat if you want to lose belly fat” with bananas right at the top.
It so happens I do want to lose belly fat.
But it also so happens that bananas might be my favorite food.
For more than 30 years I have eaten a banana every morning. Usually within five minutes of getting out of bed.
I love bananas.
Didn’t they used to be called nature’s perfect food?
And now this.
At first I refused to believe it. But after a summer of heavy workouts, buckets of sweat, and sore muscles with little or no effect on my middle, I have decided to give it a shot and forego bananas for a while. Just to see.
But I’m not gonna pretend it doesn’t hurt.
My biggest fear, though, is what will be the next thing I’m told is keeping me from six-pack abs.

Ed Ackerman