President and accounted for

Just when I thought the only thing by brother was interested in was making money and driving cool vehicles, he texts me during the GOP presidential debates Wednesday night with a picture of him and his daughter Masha at the Ronald Reagan Library where the debates were being held and writes visiting presidential libraries is sort of a hobby with him. He’s been to seven.
He even has a favorite, FDR’s, he says. With LBJ’s a close second.
Reagan’s is in a beautiful location, he writes, and special because he is buried there.
This isreagan library you, Bill? I have to ask, just to be sure.
He texts back the list:
FDR – Hyde Park, NY
LBJ – Austin, Texas
JFK – Boston, Mass.
Ronald Reagan – Simi Valley, Calif.
Richard Nixon – Yorba Linda, Calif.
George HW Bush – College Station, Texas
George W Bush – Dallas, Texas
The reason he is partial to FDR’s, he says, is because of the many original documents from the Pearl Harbor days. “Made me think of Dad,” he writes, and I know what he means. Our father was at Schofield Barracks, a few miles from Pearl Harbor, the morning of the attack.
Also, Bill says, FDR’s stamp collection is on display. Over a million pieces.
Two things struck him about the Kennedy Library: one, very little about the assassination; two, great tribute to his sister Eunice.
My brother adopted four kids from Russia several years ago. He has taken Masha to the JFK, Reagan and FDR libraries; Yuri, who is now in the U.S. Navy, to the JFK and both Bushes; and Irina and Aloysha to the JFK.
Bill said Harry Truman’s in Independence, Missouri, and Dwight Eisenhower’s in Abilene, Kansas, are next on his list. That will put him at 9. There are only 23.
I was joking in that opening sentence up there. What my brother is most interested in is being a good dad to those kids.
And I love him for it.
Even if he does own a genuine Rick Santorum sweater vest.

Ed Ackerman