In the pink, indeed

I had never heard of Thomas Pink shirts until Mary Kay and I were standing in front of the flagship store on Jermyn Street in London.
The year was 2002 and I had been dabbling in the world of major fundraising the previous two years under the tutelage of Thomas R. Robinson. Tom had just formed the group TRR & Associates. At first, he had one associate, me. Soon thereafter we were joined by the ultimate fund raiser Bobbi Steever. What a trio we were.
Tom was, and is a fastidious dresser and since he would be celebrating his birthday while I was traveling, I wanted to bring him not just any gift, but something exclusive. A tie from Thomas Pink was perfect.
One or two Thomas Pink stores have since popped up in the U.S. and Thomas Pink shirts are now available at exclusive stores such as Nordstrom.
I bring it up today because of the nature of the name Thomas Pink.
The first Thomas Pink store opened in 1984, but the fame of Thomas Pink goes back to the 18th Century.
Thomas Pink, the person, made clothing for Great Britain’s well-to-do. His most popular items were hunting jackets, the kind you might see in old photos of fox hunts. Although the hunting jackets were made of rich red, or scarlet cloth, because of the tailer’s name, they were called Pink.
And if you were fortunate enough to be wearing one for a hunt, you were said to be feeling, you guessed it, “in the pink.”
Tomorrow (Saturday, Oct. 3) I along with Sal Sciandra, Nick Wagner, Jay Duffy, Russ Keeler, John Adonizio, Luke Matthews, Jarrett Ferentino, Pat Cosgrove and Chris Sanders will surely be feeling in the pink as we “compete” in an event called Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. It’s part of the second annual Paint Pittston Pink extravaganza, which started last Sunday and concludes next Friday. It’s all about raising funds to help fight breast cancer.
Saturday’s events start at 9 a.m. with a Mass at St. John the Evangelist Church. The Color Me Pink 5K run begins at 11 on Main Street with the Caped Cure-sader Family Fun Walk starting at 11:05.
Following these two events, we fellas are on.
The idea is to walk (not a mile, but a pretty good distance) in pink high heels. My inflamed Achilles tendon throbs just thinking about it.
We’ve all been soliciting funds for the past several weeks and, as of Friday morning, we’ve blown away our goal of $10,000 by raising a total of $15,470. Sal and Jay have led the way raising more than $3,000 each.
You can still donate if you wish.
Go to and search for events in Pittston, PA. Click on the Color Me Pink 5K listings, click on “view teams” and then click on pledge.
Or you can send a check made out to Paint Pittston Pink and mail it to Paint Pittston Pink, 70 Pinewood Drive, Laflin, PA 18702.
It wouldn’t hurt to write my name on the subject line. I am lagging far behind those two guys mentioned above.

Ed Ackerman