Yet another disappointment

Writing this blog is something I didn’t expect to be doing today.
Or ever again.
No, Pittston Progress did not threaten to fire me. Nothing that drastic.
It’s just that, you know, the world was supposed to end Wednesday. And then it didn’t.
Which meant, much to my chagrin, I had to shave again Thursday morning, shell out 40 bucks again or a tank of gas Thursday afternoon, and promise myself I’d cut the grass again this weekend. At least I got to eat the fish tacos my wife brought home for me. So the day wasn’t a total loss.
One of my college students brought the news to my attention first thing Wednesday morning, showing me the USA Today website where it was explained that Chris McCann, founder of the eBible Fellowship church had told the Guardian the world would end October 7.
He said his calculations corrected the false claim that the world was going to end on May 21, 2011. We know that claim was false because we are still here.
I admit upon hearing the news I considered canceling classes and spending the day maxing out my credit cards. I would really hate for the world to end with thousands of dollars of available credit left on the table.
Now, I’m glad I didn’t.
But I did allow myself a Tastykake pumpkin pie, all 46 scrumptious grams of carbohydrates that will now have to be worked off at the gym.
Oh, well. Guess that’s what I deserve for getting my hopes all built up.
I’m so gullible.

Ed Ackerman