The bun is the difference

It’s and old joke.
Why can’t you starve in the dessert?
Because you can eat the sand which is there?
Get it? Sandwiches there.
I said it was an old joke. I didn’t say it was a funny one.
Besides, that’s not the point. The point is the punchline doesn’t say, “Because you can eat the hot dog which is there.”
Know why?
Because a hot dog is not a sandwich.
In case you haven’t been paying attention, there is a hot dog debate going on. Some call it The Great Hot Dog Debate.
It apparently began in the locker room of the Buffalo Bills football team. Bills player Tyrod Taylor said a hot dog is a sandwich. And suddenly, thanks of course to the internet, the nation is split down the middle (sort of like a hot dog bun).
I first heard about this while watching the Scott VanPelt Show early Thursday morning on ESPN. VanPelt said the whole thing is so out of hand that he typed simply “is a” into a Google search and the first thing that popped up was “Is a hot dog a sandwich?”
I admit I waited almost 24 hours, but when I typed “is a” into Google the first article to show up about the hot dog question was about 10th on the list. Still.
I must confess I read more about this debate than I did about the candidates running for Luzerne County Council. That’s because I actually cared more about it.
I found that those arguing the hot dog is indeed a sandwich point to various definitions of a sandwich being anything placed between two slices of bread, and sometimes anything placed between any two anythings. Thus, an Oreo cookie has been called a sandwich. And adults finding themselves stuck between raising their own children while caring for their aging parents have been called the “sandwich generation.”
I see their logic, but I lean toward the hot dog being a form of “meat” not placed between two slices of bread, but a placed within a bread-like device, i.e. a bun, and therefore in a class by itself.
Of course, if you live or grew up in Pittston, there is no controversy. A hot dog to us is a Majestic Lunch hot dog, which truly is in a class by itself.

Ed Ackerman