Let it snow

I love raking leaves.
And I love shoveling snow.
But I hate shoveling leaves.
Yet, that’s what I found myself doing the past several years as the first snows came before I got all my leaves off the ground.
Scooping up a ton of wet leaves with each shovelful of snow is bad enough. But it’s the aesthetics that really kill me. There’s nothing uglier than a pile of fresh fallen, fluffy snow with leaves sticking out all over it.
Or worse, a snowman with leaves sticking out of it. Picture Beetlejuice with a white face.
Well, I am happy to announce that this will not be the case this year.
I’m not sure why, but the leaves on the two gigantic trees in my front yard all fell off early. In the past, I’d often be still raking the week after Thanksgiving. But as of today, Nov. 20, my leaves are all gone … raked up, bagged, and hauled away by the City of Pittston.
I think I’ll open a beer.
And wait for the second shoe to fall.
I’m guessing I will be putting up my Christmas lights in freezing rain.

Ed Ackerman