A Duryea legend

Ed Gromelski’s nickname had to have something to do with his stature, his no-nonsense attitude, his depth of character, his physical prowess.
It must be Native American, I always thought. Something the Iroquois called braves as powerful and true as Ed Gromelski.
Or Eastern European perhaps. A word his ancestors used for the best of their clan.
Turns out I was closer on that second one, but far off just the same.
“Munda” is just a nickname for anyone named Edmund, Ed’s son Ed, another Munda, told me Monday night at his dad’s viewing.
“Well, he redefined it,” I told the surviving Munda. To me it will always stand for strength, honesty and courage.
I’m not the first one who said something like that, Ed Jr. said.
The original Munda was 77 years old when he passed away on Saturday, Nov. 28, and I find that hard to believe. He had not changed in the 40-plus years I knew him.
He was an athlete (went to the University of Scranton on a basketball scholarship), coach, referee, umpire, civic leader, elected official and all around stand-up guy.
Ed Gromelski was someone a young man could look up to. I know I certainly did. And never stopped.

Ed Ackerman