A hallmark of us Baby Boomers is that we all believe we look younger than our ages. Believe it, heck, we know it.
Which makes what I am about to share with you even richer.
A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I walked out of Redner’s Supermarket only to notice a six-pack of Coke in plastic bottles lying in the parking lot. It was dark and a little difficult to see, but sure enough, it was a six-pack of Coke which most likely had fallen from someone’s shopping cart.
I picked it up and wondered aloud what to do with it (Take it back into the store? Leave it on the sidewalk in the light near the door?) when we realized a woman a hundred or so yards away was waving at us. She was loading her groceries into her car, apparently noticed the Coke was missing, and looked up to see I had found it.
I waved back with a big smile and started walking it over to her.
Mary Kay, midway between us, motioned to the woman to wait where she was while I brought her the Coke. She said something to Mary Kay which I could not hear, which was probably for the best, because I might have put her damned Coke right back where I found it.
What she said was, “What a nice man. Is he your husband? Or your father?”
It’s been more than two weeks now, and Mary Kay is still laughing.
I’m thinking about getting a hairpiece.

Ed Ackerman