Tuesdays with trash

While it sure seems like we just rang in a New Year a few weeks ago, it is not the speed with which another New Year’s Day rolls around that makes me feel my life is flying by. It’s garbage night.
They collect garbage in my neighborhood Wednesday mornings, early Wednesday mornings, which means every Tuesday night, I tie up yet another big green bag, sometimes two, put a lime green sticker on it (lime green is this year’s color) and cart it out to the curb.
Then I go to bed and do the same thing the very next night. Or so it seems.
Sure, I know garbage night comes but once a week, but somehow it doesn’t feel that way. It’s more like what my dear Uncle Eddie said when he worked a blue collar factory job until his retirement: “I think God made more Mondays than he did Fridays.”
And I think he made a lot more Tuesdays. I can feel another one closing in on me now.

Ed Ackerman