What’s this? Responsibility?

Don’t know if there is a Northeast Pennsylvania Restaurant Association, and if there is, don’t know if they name a Person of the Year. But if they do, I have a nominee.
Stefano DiPietro.
He’s the weather guy I watch most every morning on WBRE-TV, the local NBC affiliate. Friday morning I heard him say something that made me smile and almost cheer. What he said was, “Go out to dinner tonight.”
I have a lot of friends in the restaurant business and my heart aches for them every time the weather people strike fear into the hearts of the public with predictions of “crippling” (their word, not mine) snowfalls. The standard joke is how as soon as snow is forecast, everyone runs out for bread, milk and eggs. You’ve heard the line, “What does everyone do when it snows, make French toast?”
But another knee jerk reaction to such snow forecasts, one that is not funny, is the way people cancel their dinner reservations. Restaurants take a big hit when weathermen (or women) get carried away.
But Stefano DiPietro (and I must assume this stems from his boss, Josh Hodell) exhibits something you don’t often see in weather folk: responsibility.
I first took notice of it days earlier. While on the street (and by that I mean, basically, at work) everyone was talking about the three feet of snow headed our way, this young man kept saying: we (WBRE) will not make any predictions yet. In fact, he refused to predict a snow total at all. Too early, he stressed.
I kept thinking this was bad TV work. You don’t get ratings being so responsible.
Friday morning, he calmly pointed out the snow line, predicted perhaps 1 to 3 inches of snow in our area, did indicate a European model that called for more, but did so without a “sky is falling” demeanor, and then encouraged viewers to keep their dinner plans, to not be afraid to venture out this evening.
No need for worries today about the commute to and from work and school. The day will be CALM and seasonably cold. We could even go out for a nice dinner tonight before we even think about that snow arriving. I’ll be timing out the snow hour by hour all morning on Eyewitness News!
That’s what he posted Friday morning on the Eyewitness News Facebook page. I like that he had the word CALM in capital letters. Calm defines this guy. You don’t usually get that in a weather person. I find it refreshing.

Ed Ackerman