A lesson in praying

Did you see the video of the 2-year-old little girl saying her nighttime prayers?
If not, you can view it on CNN.com. Search for “toddler praying on baby monitor.” Go ahead, I’ll wait.
I saw it on CNN Wednesday morning. The story goes that Kathryn and Caleb Whiit, of South Carolina, were in a hurry to put their daughter Sutton to bed so they could watch the Carolina Panthers football game last Sunday night, so they skipped her nighttime prayers which mom always says with her.
As they prepared to watch the game they heard something upstairs and when mom pulled up the baby monitor on her cell phone, they heard little Sutton saying her prayers all by herself.
Her prayers were mostly ‘thank yous.’ Thank you for Mommy. Thank you for Daddy. According to the story on CNN.com, she went through several family members and even added a thank you for Santa Claus.
The innocence with which this adorable child lies there praying makes one think of Christ telling us to “be childlike.” It seems the smarter we think we are, the more sophisticated we think we become, the less likely we are to pray. We seem to look at such prayer as childish instead of childlike. How wrong we are.
I lay in bed Wednesday night saying prayers just the way little Sutton did. Thank you for Mommy (who’s been gone for nearly 13 years). Thank you for Daddy (who’s been gone for 21 years). Like Sutton, I added all my family members. Never did get to Santa Claus though. I nodded off long before then.
And slept, no surprise, like a baby.

Ed Ackerman