Simple (?) math

Last fall was billed as the 50th season of Pittston Area football. It was. But it was not the 50th anniversary of Pittston Area’s first season. That will be this year.
Confusing? You bet it is.
The problem with things like anniversaries is that we tend to forget the difference between the first and the first anniversary. Take birthdays for example. Our first birthday is actually the day we are born. But we don’t refer to it as such. We call the beginning of our second year our “first birthday,” when in truth it is the first anniversary of our first birthday.
That’s usually not a problem though, because everybody agrees on the meaning of a first birthday.
Anniversaries can be another story.
The 2017 Pittston Area commencement will be the school’s 51st such ceremony. But it will also be the 50th anniversary of the very first Pittston Area graduating class, the class of 1967. I know. I was a member of that class.
Once I get past the shock that it’s been 50 years since I was a high school senior, a certain pride wells up in me, as I’m sure it does in my classmates, that we were part of something special. Every thing our class did was a first for the now 50-year-old Pittston Area School District. First football team. First band. First Honor Society students. First yearbook. First commencement. First everything.
To use a term from those days, that’s pretty neat.

Ed Ackerman