The twins of summer

Word tore through the neighborhood like the British were coming.
“Massara’s has root beer,” would get us all buzzing and scurrying home to beg for nickels.
Or even better: “Massara’s has vanilla.”
Or my own favorite: “Massara’s has banana.”
These were not your everyday flavors of Popsicles. Most of the time, practically all of the time, the freezer at Massara’s Market on Butler Street had plenty of cherry, orange and grape Popsicles, each a treat in its own way … well, for me, maybe not orange … but when the rare flavors, the root beer, the vanilla, the banana, made an appearance, one had to act fast. There were never that many on hand and who knew when you’d see them again.
These were the famous Popsicle Twin Pops. An quick internet search explains they were introduced during the Depression when a nickel would be able to buy a refreshing treat for not just one child but two.
Maybe so. But by the time I was standing on my tippy toes and reaching into Massara’s freezer in the 1950s, rarely did we break a twin pop in two for the purpose of sharing. And if we did, rarely did it break cleanly along that vertical seam. No, the twin concept aside, we pretty much kept them all to ourselves. And consumed them in one piece.
It’s almost impossible to find Popsicle Twin Pops these days. I know because my wife has had a hankering for them and I’ve stopped in dozens of stores only to emerge with at best a raspberry flavored ice pop in the shape of a rocket ship.
Back on the internet I found Schwan’s will deliver Twin Pops right to my door and I may take them up on that. They come in packs of 24 with 12 cherry, 6 grape and 6 orange. But that’s it. No root beer, no vanilla, no banana.
I sure could go for a banana.

Ed Ackerman