A win-win, I think

I sort of like this World Series because I’ll be happy no matter which team wins.
And I sort of don’t for the same reason.
Typically I find myself leaning one way or the other even if my team, the St. Louis Cardinals, is not in it. But not this year.
Of course, as a baseball fan, I’d like to see the Cubs win. It’s something many of us never thought we’d see in our lifetimes. But the Cubs were so darned good all season, it’s hard to think of them as underdogs any more.
That tag belongs to the Indians this year. How can anyone root against them?
But it goes even deeper for me.
I have an affinity for Cleveland because in the last ten years of my mother-in-law’s life we spent a lot of time at the Cleveland Clinic. I’ve even driven there and back in the same day.
And then there’s my friend Streaky Dardes, a 92-year-old lifelong Indians fan. And Bob Fumanti, my old doubles partner. And David Yonki and Phil Fullmer. They’ve been waiting a long time to celebrate in November.
I don’t think I know any Cubs fans but my son lived in Chicago for four years. I spent the last three Thanksgivings there. I’ve eaten a Chicago dog right at Wrigley Field.
If someone put a gun to my head and said pick one, I suppose I’d blurt out “Streaky’s Indians.”
Unless I said, “The Cubs.”

Ed Ackerman