Pittston proud, always

Susquehanna Brewing Company's pumpkin ale, a little bit of Pittston in Virginia

Susquehanna Brewing Company’s pumpkin ale, a little bit of Pittston in Virginia

I love this town.
Sure, it has its flaws, but Pittston is my home. And when I think of it, my thoughts find far more positives than negatives.
As such, I love all things Pittston. And want others to as well. So when I spotted a shelf of Susquehanna Brewing Company’s pumpkin ale at The Apple House in Virginia last weekend, my heart leapt.
Our nephew John Kandrac told us about The Apple House and gave us directions. We took a car out to Old Town Alexandria to visit him and Jenny and their new baby boy while we were in Washington for John P. Cosgrove’s funeral. The Pittston native and our dear friend who made his mark in Washington and had been president of the National Press Club died Oct. 15. He was 98.
Holding our great nephew Johnny the day before we were to help take John Cosgrove to his final resting place had a “Circle of Life” feel that we desperately needed.
Since we were on the road, we decided to add a side trip to Roanoke, Virginia, where John Kandrac’s sister Sarah and her husband Adrian are parents to our great niece Coco and her new twin brothers Emmett Reid and Remy James.
Knowing we would take Route 66 out of the capital and connect with Interstate 81 to Roanoke, John insisted we stop at The Apple House for breakfast. He did us a great favor. If there was an inspiration for the Cracker Barrel chain, it could well have been The Apple House.
We ate a hearty breakfast (too much of a hearty breakfast) and then poked around the several rooms laden with unique gifts and southern delicacies. That’s when I came upon the SBC display.
I’m pretty sure I bordered on obnoxious as I told everyone who would listen, and a few who preferred not to, how this brew was from my hometown.
What can I say? I love this town.
And Adrian wound up with a present: SBC’s pumpkin ale.

Ed Ackerman