A view from ‘Down Under’

“You don’t sound like a Texan,” I said to the fellow in the aisle seat as I excused myself to get to the center one on a flight from Dallas, Texas, to Austin last Thursday, as I took a long weekend to visit my daughter.
“Nope, British,” he said, “by way of Australia. I’ve lived there for 18 years.”
“Do you desire solitude?” I asked. “Or would you like to chat?”
“Oh, let’s chat,” he answered. “The best part of traveling is the people you meet.”
And so Mark (it sounded like “Mock” when he introduced himself) Creamer and I talked for the full 35 minutes we were in the air.
Turned out he was a psychologist in the ‘States for a conference, which he said happened about once a year. This one was in Dallas but he came early to spend some time in Austin. He felt he owed it to the guitar player in him.
Our conversation took us all over the place from tennis (some of the best tennis players ever, Rod Laver for starters, hailed from “Down Under”) to books to music. He liked Graham Nash and I got to tell him I saw him perform last summer at Penn’s Peak not far from where I live.
What I’ll remember most from our visit, however, is a comment he made about the upcoming (at the time) U.S. presidential election. The president of the United States is such an important position, he said, he thought every adult on the planet should get a vote.
I thanked him for the compliment. It was good to hear someone from another country respecting the position of the U.S. in the world.
He gave me his email address. I must write and ask what he thought of the outcome. And how he liked Austin.

Ed Ackerman