The morning after

My students were distraught the day after the election.
Most of them, like most college students across the land, were Hillary fans.
Actually, they were Bernie fans turned Hillary fans, but they were distraught nonetheless.
So I asked them a simple question:
What has changed in your lives since yesterday?
I’ll answer for you I said: nothing.
Your ability to be happy.
Your opportunity to choose a profession you love.
Your freedom to decide where you want to live.
Your desire to lead a productive life.
Your determination to make the world a better place.
The way you treat others.
All of this rests where it always has. With you.
No president of the United States gives you these things.
And no president can take them away.
So instead of wringing your hands and saying the outcome of an election has ruined your life, embrace the reality that only you can ruin your life.
And then do everything in your power to not let that happen.

Ed Ackerman