A Christmas toast to Vince Guaraldi

If I heard it correctly, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” airs Thursday night, Dec. 1, at 8 on ABC.
And that should propel me right into the Christmas spirit.
I associate it so much with my kids (Greta, now 33 and about to give birth, and Michael, now 30), I tend to forget that it actually debuted in 1965.
While “A Charlie Brown’s Christmas” may be most memorable for contributing the expression “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree” to the lexicon, it’s the music, especially the theme song, that made the cartoon legendary.
Do you know that song has a title?
It’s “Linus and Lucy.”
This song and the score was written by Vince Guaraldi and performed by The Vince Guaraldi Trio.
“Christmastime is Here” is another classic from the soundtrack.
Vince Guaraldi, who lived to be only 47, dying in 1976, also wrote “Cast Your Fate to the Wind,” which is one of my favorite pieces ever. It was released in 1962.
Find it on You Tube and you’ll know why.
Rocker Joe Walsh, when he was with The James Gang long before he joined The Eagles, did a version of this song on one of his albums. And he drifted into it during a jam last summer when he played at the F.M. Kirby Center, which took me by surprise.
I suggest you find Joe Walsh’s version on Your Tube too.
You can thank me later.

Ed Ackerman