Peanut Stick

Pat Cawley had a great nickname. But save for my friend Bobby Roman and I and our old buddy Flash Flanagan, nobody knew it.
Flash, a writer who I think really appreciated the alliteration, loved saying Pat “Peanut Stick” Cawley.
And I loved hearing him say it.
Bobby and I pinned the nickname “Peanut Stick” on Pat more than 40 years ago at the Jersey shore. We, meaning a gang of friends from in and around Pittston, were at the shore for a long weekend. Wildwood to be exact.
One night we drove up to Margate where I knew of a couple of great bars. I was behind the wheel and probably should not have been for the ride back to our motels. We were cruising along well after midnight when Bobby spotted a donut shop. I made a hard left and whipped into the parking lot a tad too fast. I hit the brakes before crashing into the display window and the guys in the back seat toppled forward.
Pat picked up his head, look out of the windshield into the donut shop and like we were strolling past on a Saturday afternoon, said, “Hey. Peanut sticks. My favorite.”
And that’s all Bobby and I had to hear. Pat was Peanut Stick from then on.
Flash wasn’t with us but latched onto the name as soon as he heard it.
Not sure anyone other than we three, four if you count Pat, ever knew it.
Patrick J. Cawley died unexpectedly Wednesday morning while out for a walk in his neighborhood. He was 65 years old.
John E. Flanagan, or Flash, owner of one of the most well known nicknames in the history of Pittston, died last March.
It was a tough year for losing special people, both nationally and locally.
All we can do is be grateful for having known them.

Ed Ackerman