Don’t let the shirt fool you

I was walking into the gym one day last year when a big guy on his way out started yelling at me.
Or so I thought.
I soon realized he was yelling with me.
Or so he thought.
We didn’t do this, he barked. We need to do that.
We? I thought.
What’s the matter with the defense. What’s the matter with Ben?
Ben? I thought.
I finally got it.
It was my sweatshirt.
I was wearing my black Pittsburgh Steelers sweatshirt. He sensed simpatico even though there was none.
But I let him go. No point in ruining the moment.
I wear my Steelers sweatshirt to the gym all the time. I suppose a lot of folks conclude that’s my team. Actually, I’m a Green Bay Packers fan. But my Steelers sweatshirt is the warmest one I’ve got.
That’s the reason I bought it in the first place.
That and a “when in Rome” moment.
My brother Bill, a huge Steelers fan, invited me to a game at Heinz Field in 2006. We stayed at that Marriott near PNC Field and walked to the game at Heinz. I bought the sweatshirt in a shop across the street from the hotel. I also bought a long-sleeved Penguins tee to wear under it. I wear that to the gym quite a bit too.
I remember the Steelers losing and Jake Plummer having a field day but not much more. Except for the meal we had at Morton’s Steakhouse the night before.
I just looked up the game and while Plummer did throw for three TDs in a 31-20 rout, it was Roethlisberger who lit it up. He was 38 of 54 for 433 yards.
He did throw three interceptions though.
I could just hear the guy at the gym after that one.

Ed Ackerman