Sharp dressed man

Did Ryan Gosling stop at Cohen Brothers before the Golden Globes?
Of course not. Cohen Brothers no longer exists. And if it did, can you picture Ryan Gosling on North Main Street in Pittston?
Still, his attire at the awards ceremony conjured up images of him standing in front of a mirror in the back of Cohen’s with one of the several haberdashers who worked there slipping a white dinner jacket on him for size. Just the way we did back in the ’60s.
Gosling’s white dinner jacket and black formal trousers was the look all guys sported for our high school proms back then. And Cohen’s was the place to acquire it.
The rental fee was $3. You got one of them back when you returned it.
And in spite of all the urban legends of what happens on prom night, the sign of a romantic encounter was typically a little makeup on the jacket’s shoulder from where your date rested her cheek during a slow dance.
Young love was innocent back then. The way it’s portrayed in “La La Land,” the musical for which Gosling was honored last Sunday.

Ed Ackerman