Life is the fast lane

I tell students all the time the longest period of time in anyone’s life is between 18 and 21 years old. You’ve graduated high school, you can serve your country in the military, people tell you all the time “you’re not a kid anymore,” but still you are not quite an adult either.
It seems 21 will never arrive.
But it does. And that night you go out and get drunk.
The next morning, you wake up and you’re hung over.
The next morning, you wake up and you’re 30.
The kids don’t fully grasp that, but anyone over 30 does.
Life flies.
Not long after I woke up and was 30, I woke up and realized I have been out of high school for 50 years.
Turning the calendar to 2017 drove home the point that this is the year of the 50th anniversary of my high school graduation. In June of 1967 we were the very first graduating class from the newly formed Pittston Area High School.
The Doors released their biggest hit “Light My Fire” that summer and The Beatles turned the pop music world upside down with the release of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”
Jim Morrison is long gone, only two of The Beatles remain, and a couple of years ago at the Grammys someone in the audience was tweeting “Who the f is Paul McCartney?”
I attended a class reunion meeting the other night. The conversation centered around grandchildren, great grandchildren, surgeries, medications and who was going to be “up all night” because of the pizza and wings.
But not inside. Inside, we all feel like kids. We’re all 18 years old, longing for 21 and wishing it would come faster.

Ed Ackerman