Gimme a V. Gimme another V.

I don’t like pills. I’m no pharmacist, but it’s always seemed to me there isn’t a single pill devoid of a negative side effect that almost makes the cure, or the temporary relief of symptoms not worth it.
So, unless absolutely necessary, I steer clear of them.
Still, there are times I need relief, say from a head cold, and when I do I’ve taken to an old-fashioned remedy: Vicks Vapor Rub.
For me, the best cure for a common cold is sleep, but the hardest thing to do when I am all stuffed up is just that, sleep.
Enter Vicks.
I rub my chest and throat with a generous portion of Vicks, dab a bit right under my nose, and crawl into bed. It works every time.
Then there’s Vicks’ cousin, Vaseline.
I vividly remember my mom quoting her mom: “Oh the magic in a jar of Vaseline.”
From stopping a bloody nose to healing a cut to softening dry skin to healing chapped lips, there’s nothing like Vaseline.
But it’s also good for shining shoes, making the fragrance of perfume last longer by applying to pulse points, making a carved Jack-O-Lantern last longer, unsticking zippers, repairing scratches on the screens of smart phones and tablets, and making pierced earrings slide in and out easier.
I discovered those last six uses on the internet. Type in “Uses for Vaseline” and you’ll find plenty.
I also found out Vaseline was discovered in Pennsylvania. I did not know that.
It was about 1859. The brand name Vaseline appeared in 1872 and by 1874 it was being sold at a rate of a jar per minute throughout the United States.
Seems my grandmother was right.

Ed Ackerman