My one and only Super Bowl

I went to one Super Bowl. The sixth one. VI in Super Bowl language.
It was the first one the Dallas Cowboys won. I can never forget that. Especially now that the son I would not even have dreamed about in January of 1972 (he was born in 1986) grew up to be a Cowboys fan. At the time I was happy for my friend Mack McNulty. Dallas was his team.
I can never remember the score. Always have to look it up. It was 24-3 over the Dolphins. I also remember little of the game.
What I do remember is where it was played: Tulane Stadium in New Orleans. And the price of a ticket: 15 bucks.
My Uncle Eddie Strubeck, who passed away last year at 87, took me on the trip sponsored by the Hughestown Sports Club. We flew out of Avoca.
I also remember it was unseasonably cold in New Orleans and I was not dressed for it. But I was also 22 years old and therefore pretty much didn’t notice.
And I clearly remember Yogi Berra.
I ran into him on a practically deserted Bourbon Street the morning after the game. We had a little chat and I snapped his photo. No selfies in those days. Too bad.
But the memory of the game that jumps to mind first is not one I am comfortable sharing. But I will.
Tulane wasn’t much of a stadium and not quite equipped to handle the overflow crowd. For one thing, there were not enough facilities. The few portable toilets had long, long lines. I was standing in the back of the end zone bleachers as kickoff neared and looked down outside the field to see some Miami Dolphins fans take an innovative approach to the rest room situation.
All decked out in their Dolphins gear, they made a circle with each guy taking a turn peeing in the middle. I shudder to imagine what the ground was like after the third or fourth guy.
There was a pretty good handful of guys too and it took some time for each to “get ready” for the game and some of the guys who had already taken care of things grew impatient. So they began walking away. Others followed and soon there was no more circle, just two guys peeing in public.
I wish I could remember more about the game.

Ed Ackerman