‘Gumby Lip’

Not a day goes by, it seems, that I am not floored by the talent of our students at Luzerne County Community College.
Lucy Shemo, whom I met last fall, impressed me early on with her clear thinking, positive attitude, and unique perspective on the world. Then I saw her writing. Mind blowing, as we used to say in the ’60s.
Then I saw her artwork. Even more mind blowing.
Yesterday morning she showed me a painting she did of that media icon Gumby. He is posed with his horse which afforded me the opportunity to ask if anyone knew Gumby’s horse’s name. It’s Pokey. I awarded a cash prize to the first who knew. 25 cents.
It also brought back a sweet memory of my daughter at about 5 years old. She’s now 33.
We were watching TV one day and Randy Travis came on. “He’s country,” Greta said.
“Now, what makes you think he’s country?” I asked.

Lucy Shemo's Gumby and Pokey

Lucy Shemo’s Gumby and Pokey

“Look,” she said, “he has a lip like the top of Gumby’s head.”
And thus “Gumby Lip” became part of our family’s lexicon as a description for all country musical artists.
And Elvis Presley.

Ed Ackerman