Must love dogs

I’m just getting to know my daughter’s father-in-law and I really like the guy.
Don Mantooth (as far as I can tell there’s Dutch in his ancestry) is a genuine John Wayne type of guy. Born in Oklahoma, he’s spent most of his life in Texas and has the stature of a Texas Ranger, or at the least a Texas rancher. He’s big, strong, steady and soft spoken. The kind of man who speaks only when he has something worth saying. And when he does, it’s worth listening.
As I said, I really like him.
Don and his wife Cindy rescue dogs, particularly Great Danes, and have a property outside of San Antonio with plenty of room for them to run. Their latest addition is a giant named Gunner.
Gunner, Don told me when we visited my daughter and her family in Austin recently, had experienced a mysterious health issue which caused him to lose a massive amount of weight. He once tipped the scales at close to 180 pounds but suddenly seemed to have difficulty eating and dropped down to 130.
Baffled, the vets X-rayed his body and when they did, discovered a whole teddy bear in his stomach.
Gunner is now fine and gaining weight.
Don and Cindy passed their love of dogs on to their son Josh.
When my daughter Greta and Josh first started getting serious they adopted a rescued Lab-mix puppy named Sadie. A few years later, they agreed to let another rescued dog come to live with them for a week or two until the shelter could find him a home. Not sure what breed Brody is exactly. He’s bigger than Sadie and loves children.
Greta found a harness with a sign that said “I’m available for adoption” for Brody to wear when they walked him around their Los Angeles neighborhood. But just a day later she found that harness lying on the kitchen counter while Josh was out walking the dogs. “Don’t tell me that harness is broken already,” she said to Josh.
“Actually,” Josh said, “I can’t let Brody wear that sign.”
“Marry that guy,” I said to Greta when she told me that story.
She did. But first they adopted Brody.
They now all live in Texas, not far from Greta’s in-laws, and not far from the teddy bear-eating Gunner and the Mantooths’ other dogs for Sadie and Brody to play with.

Ed Ackerman