Aye, The Blarney Stone

Please suffer me one last item before we put St. Patrick’s Day to bed for this year.
My friend James “Spot” O’Donnell, now in his 90s, is what I affectionately call a 365-day-a-year Irishman. He’s a resident of Wesley Village nursing home now but for years lived in a large mansion overlooking Harvey’s Lake. He called his property O’Donnell’s Donegal Hill. I know this because he had me paint a large sign proclaiming it.
Spot was hosting a visitor from the Olde Sod one time and took him to a tavern at the lake where he was quite a hit with the ladies, especially one who just would not let him alone.
Spot knew the fellow was annoyed but admired how gentlemanly he handled the situation.
As the night wore on and the woman became more and more flirtatious, she brought up the legend of the famed Blarney Stone.
“Is it true,” she asked the Irishman, “that if you kiss the Blarney Stone you will have great luck?”
The real legend is that you will be given “the gift of gab,” but rather than go into detail, the Irishman simply responded, “Aye, it is true.”
“And is it true,” she persisted, “that if you kiss someone who kissed the Blarney Stone you also will have great luck?”
“Aye,” the Irishman answered, “that is true as well.”
Seizing what she believed to be an opportunity she’d engineered, she finally asked, “And have you ever kissed the Blarney Stone?”
“Sadly no,” the Irishman said. “But I sat on it once.”

Ed Ackerman