My own creation

I often say my food weakness is bread. God, how I love good bread. But if pressed, I might have to reconsider. My true weakness might be cheese.
Jason Sabatelle had a sample of his store’s own provolone on the counter the other day and after taking a little nibble I brought home a good size chunk and had a heck of a time not eating the whole soon after I walked in the door.
The seed for this binge may have been planted earlier that day when I got into a mouth-watering conversation with a fellow cheese lover. In the midst of our chat I brought up something I hadn’t thought about in years: a sandwich of my own creation.
When I was in junior high school I invented the swiss cheese and peanut butter sandwich. Trust me, it was awesome.
It’s said you enjoy food first with your eyes and, let me tell you, there was a downright aesthetic quality to the way the peanut butter would rise up through the holes in the cheese.
When people cringe at the mention of this delicacy I hasten to remind them about those popular packages of orange peanut butter and cheese crackers. Yep, these two flavors were made for each other.
Thinking of my swiss and peanut butter sandwich creation conjured up images of another favorite: the baked bean sandwiches introduced to me by my dad. We’re talking cold baked beans between two slices of white bread. The perfect Easter Sunday evening snack or Easter Monday lunch.
Man, that’s livin’.

Ed Ackerman