Summer travel

Summer is for travel and although it is only mid-May I suspect I am going to be doing a lot of it this year. Whether or not I Ieave home.
Some of what I am about to share may make it into a full column or two in upcoming issues of Greater Pittston Progress, but for now let me just say I get a sense I am going to spend the next few months doing something I rarely do: living in the past.
It starts with the unfathomable realization that this year marks the 50th anniversary of my high school graduation. I’ve been meeting with classmates to help plan a reunion and that inevitably drags me into the past.
If one winds up doing that, however, the summer of ’67 is not a bad place to land. The music of that summer, nicknamed the “Summer of Love,” is reason enough.
The Doors’ “Light My Fire” came out in the summer of ’67. But even than monster hit pales in comparison to perhaps the greatest album ever, The Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” I played it over and over on my sister’s little portable hi-fi.
And the launching of the new Beatles channel on Sirius radio only contributes to my mental wanderings into years gone by. I can picture myself spending a good portion of the upcoming summer going on joy rides just to tune in and, as we used to say back then, tune out.

Ed Ackerman