First things first

My brother Bill texted me the other day to say he was worried about his friend Julie.
He’s known her and worked with her for the last 15 years, going back to their days at Cornell Ironworks. They are now colleagues at VIXXO.
Julie and her husband John, who once lived in Berwick, Pa., he wrote, bought their dream/retirement home two months ago.
In Rockport, Texas.
Yes, that Rockport. The place where Harvey first slammed into the East Texas coast.
Today Bill emailedLapacka's Return to their Rockport TX home (1) some good news. While their home is heavily damaged, Julie and John told Bill they should be able to rebuild. They do carry flood insurance.
“Things will get better,” John wrote to Bill.
Bill knows where John got that expression. “Over the years when things were not going well for me,” he said, “Julie would say ‘things get better.'”
Bill sent a photo of John doing one of the first things he did when he and Julie returned to their flooded home. He raised the American flag.

Ed Ackerman