Tennis, Snoopy and yellow rubber duckies

Just because I am a tennis player doesn’t mean my wife and kids had to be tennis fans, but they are.
I like that.
As I write, my wife and I are watching the US Open tennis women’s semi-final match between Venus Williams and Sloane Stephens on TV Thursday night. Both are Americans. In fact, all four women in the semis are Americans. The other two are Madison Keys and CoCo Vandeweghe. They’ll play later.
Venus was just called for a foot fault and Mary Kay asked me to explain. I did. And then I told her about Snoopy.
Yes, that Snoopy. The beagle.
Snoopy is a tennis player. He often hits the ball against the garage door. He says the garage is his doubles partner. “Know what’s the best thing about having the garage as your doubles partner?” he asks. “He never foot faults.”
I got to the Open this year and spotted those traditional little yellow rubber duckies for sale. They had a tennis racquet in their hands (okay, wings) and a visor on their heads. I had to grab one and send it to my 9-month-old grandson in Texas.
He already has a Texas-style rubber ducky with a cowboy hat and a sheriff’s badge. They named him Sheriff Quack. Which means the tennis player needed a name as well.
Greta and her husband Josh suggested Roger Quackerer.
I came up with John QuackEnroe.
They’re going with that.

Ed Ackerman