(B)rush hour

At first I thought the gal in the silver Honda must be texting. In the rearview mirror I could see her meandering all over the road.
Better keep and eye on her, I thought.
A second glance revealed she was not texting at all, however. She was brushing her hair. Man, was she brushing her hair. She’d drag that brush all the way up to the car’s ceiling before it came free, letting her locks fall back down to her shoulders.
I ain’t sticking around, I thought, and hit the gas.
She stayed right with me, speeding up and brushing away.
I looked again, and could not see her behind the wheel this time. What the?
Then she reappeared. Holding a lipstick. Must have been fishing for it in her purse.
I focused on the road before me as I entered an intersection and when I looked back, she was gone.
Hope she got to her destination in one piece. If so, I’m pretty sure she arrived looking her best.

Ed Ackerman