Okay then. Brown.

Want to stand out at the office, at home, or on the road? CHOOSE BROWN.
That was the subhead (or deck, as we say in the business) under the headline: THAT ’70S COLOR.
It sat atop a fashion article in this month’s Esquire magazine.
Now I am a big Esquire fan. Have been reading it most of my adult life and make sure my son has a subscription. But they were dead wrong on this one.
I lived through the ’70s. Spent my 20s there. And we didn’t wear no brown.
Unless, like a few of my friends, we worked for UPS.
But then I got to thinking. And immediately recalled my chocolate brown, double-breasted, Edwardian cut sport coat. God, I loved that coat.
I often wore it with brown tweed bell bottoms. “I’m digging’ your pants,” a perfect stranger said to me as I waited in the lobby of one of the female dorms (no co-ed dorms back then) for my girl.
I wore boots in those days. Brown boots. They looked good with my brown corduroy suit too. My brown three-piece corduroy suit.
If camel hair (tan) can be considered a version of brown, and it can, I must admit I not only had a camel hair sport coat, but also an awesome … wait, we didn’t say awesome in the ’70s … better make that a pretty neat camel hair winter coat. The belt that tied in front really set it off.
Poor boy sweaters were in. Remember those? They had short sleeves but weren’t sleeveless. I had one of those. In brown.
Come to think of it, I even bought a brown car. A 1974 Olds Cutlass. The official color was Citation Bronze. But it was brown.
So, Esquire, I apologize. I never should have doubted you.
The article, by the way, mentions the old predominantly brown San Diego Padres uniforms. They were also pretty neat. Awesome even.

Ed Ackerman