A toast to remember

About seven years ago during the fall semester at the college I taught two sections of Introduction to Mass Communications. One met on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The other, Tuesday and Thursday.
When I took roll on the first Tuesday, meeting those students for the first time, I looked at this young lady named Stephanie and said, “I have to tell you right now I might wind up calling you by the wrong name all semester. I met a girl in my class yesterday who looks a lot like you.”
“You mean my twin sister,” she said.
My first thought was this is the same girl and someone put her up to this.
But she and her sister Cassidy were indeed twins. Identical twins. I did learned to tell them apart, but it took some time.
As I said, that was about seven years ago. Last Saturday Cassidy got married. On the beach at Bethany Beach, Delaware. And I was invited.
I meet more than 100 new students a year. A handful keep in touch. Stephanie and Cassidy fall in that category.
The weather was beautiful and the bride was even more beautiful.
My wife, who cannot tell the twins apart, and I were honored and delighted to be there.
During the reception, Stephanie proposed a toast to her sister and new brother-in-law.
“Face each other,” she began. “Look right into each other’s eyes. You may not know it, but according to statistics, you are looking at the person most likely to murder you.”
There was a second of silence and then uproariously laughter, which may have had something to do with the amount of alcohol that had been consumed by that time.
I, as most likely everyone else at the party, looked it up the next morning. Stephanie was right. Sort of. But it was not nearly as funny the day after.

Ed Ackerman