Something else to wish for

Writing from Columbus, Ohio, Donnie Collins makes a great case in today’s Citizens Voice why we should not count Penn State out of the National Championship picture.
Bless his heart. I thought I was the only optimist on the staff.
Don’t get me wrong. I do hope he is right. And I must say on a day when I had no interest in watching Sports Center or reading the sports pages, he did provide a glimmer of hope.
But as Saturday’s Penn State-Ohio State game concluded I could not help but think of a comment made on the Gameday telecast earlier Saturday. I’m not sure if it were Desmond Howard or Kirk Herbstreit but one of them said something to the effect that Penn State had to prove it could protect a lead by grinding out a drive on the ground, making those five and six yard runs that drain time off the clock and break the spirit of a defense.
It was exactly what the Lions could not do in the fourth quarter.
And it was heart-wrenching.
There’s a lot of football left and Penn State may yet wind up with a shot at the title.
But in case that does not pan out, we Pennsylvanians still can dream of a Steelers-Eagles Super Bowl, can’t we?
It’s a tough question, but I’ll ask it anyway. If you could have only one, would you rather Penn State in the college football championship game or Pittsburgh and Philadelphia in the Super Bowl?

Ed Ackerman