No compliment for you

Mary Kay was hankering for a Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich. And maybe a chocolate frosty on the side.
We had spent the day out in the yard, raking leaves, cutting back flowers that had given us such pleasure but had succumbed to an overnight frost, basically putting away summer and preparing for what’s to come.
So a guilty pleasure was in order. I’m not above a frosty myself.
We ordered at the drive-up and when we got to the window to pay and pick up our food, I could not help but notice the smile on the young man waiting on us. I was formulating a compliment in my head, something like “My goodness you should be in a TV commercial for a dental office,” and wondering if I should actually say it to him, when he did something that made my decision easy.
“You know,” he said, “we offer a senior citizen discount.”
As soon as the words came out of his mouth, I could see in his eyes he wished he could pull them back.
“What?!” I bellowed. “Do I look like a senior citizen?!”
The fact that I most certainly do and am 68 years old was beside the point.
“Well,” I added, “I was just about to compliment your smile. To say something about your perfect, dazzling teeth. But forget it now.”
He laughed. And those teeth looked even more perfect.

Ed Ackerman