A fitting sendoff for a good guy

My first inkling when I saw Atty. Michael Lombardo, Pittston City councilman, Thursday evening was to give him a big “hello” and shake his hand. I’m sure, out of the corner of his eye, he saw my face light up. In that same eye, though, I caught a look that told me there was a protocol to observe. Which, thank goodness, I did. I stepped right past him without sound or gesture. Mike was standing at attention as an honor guard at the coffin, the bright green coffin, in which lay the remains of Joe Keating, one time Pittston mayor… Continue Reading

Sure glad snow days not up to me

The Spring Semester at the college was supposed to start yesterday, but it didn’t. We got snowed out. I got the message right after I put the coffee on at 5 a.m. I always get up at 5 when I have an 8 a.m. class. I could probably sleep later but I like to take my time in the morning. Do a few push-ups, eat breakfast, watch the news, read the paper, shave, shower. It wasn’t snowing at that hour and there wasn’t a single flake on the ground. The weather guy on TV said that was to be expected.… Continue Reading

A hipster for a day

I had to tell someone I just drank coffee with butter. But whom? I decided on my niece Sarah in Roanoke, Virginia. She’s in her 30s, a dentist and a mommy of three, and very “with it,” as we used to say. So I sent her a text. Her response: “Congratulations. You’re now a hipster.” It left me confused. So I brought it up with Lakin, my grandson’s nanny, who’s also with it. “Everyone who comes to Austin winds up a hipster,” she said. I needed to do some research. I needed the internet. First of all, as you may… Continue Reading

Game day creativity

I probably should have gotten this in before the college football season ended. Nevertheless. One of my favorite things during the college season is tuning into ESPN’s Game Day to see the posters fans created. Messages like “Rudy was offsides. Go Canes.” Or “Don’t tell my bride I’m here ’cause we’re getting married today.” Or this from a Wisconsin game: “Michigan cites Wikipedia.” That’s an academic joke. Or from Beaver Stadium: “Michigan moms make subpar cookies.” But my two favorites are the following. From a Clemson game: “You can’t spell Dad Bod without Dabbo.” Dabbo Sweeney is Clemson’s head coach.… Continue Reading

How about a dress shirt?

You’ve seen the commercial. A young man and his date are being seated at their table at a restaurant. “You look amazing!” he says to the young lady. And she does. Attractive dress and all that goes with it. “And you look …,” she begins hesitatingly, “… amazingly … comfortable.” He’s a wearing a t-shirt with a stretched out neckline that makes it look like he slept in it. For the last month. The commercial is for a fabric softener that will make the neckline on that T-shirt look new. Even if he does sleep it. Maybe so, but every… Continue Reading

Little boys forever

Whether I have the Citizens Voice before me, which I prefer, or I am reading the paper online because the “real” one has yet to land on my porch, I always bless myself before turning to the obituaries. I’ve been doing this for years. It’s a way of sending positive energy and comfort to the survivors of the names I am about to read and faces I am about to see. I don’t know if it works. But it’s the best I can do early in the morning. Wednesday there were two names with accompanying faces that left me with… Continue Reading