How about a dress shirt?

You’ve seen the commercial. A young man and his date are being seated at their table at a restaurant.
“You look amazing!” he says to the young lady. And she does. Attractive dress and all that goes with it.
“And you look …,” she begins hesitatingly, “… amazingly … comfortable.”
He’s a wearing a t-shirt with a stretched out neckline that makes it look like he slept in it. For the last month.
The commercial is for a fabric softener that will make the neckline on that T-shirt look new. Even if he does sleep it.
Maybe so, but every time I see that commercial, I want to scream at the TV, “Great, the fabric softener can fix your T-shirt, but it’s still a T-shirt. Even if you bought it that very day, what are you doing wearing it on a dinner date?”
The young lady is all dressed up. Why isn’t her date? Doesn’t going out with her warrant something a little classier than a T-shirt, even if it’s his best one?
I guess he figures he’s showing her respect by not wearing his baseball cap.
I’m a dinosaur, and I know it. But on the occasions when as a young man I was fortunate enough to have a beautiful young lady accept my invitation to dinner, I showed up in a jacket and tie. I wanted to send a message: this is a big deal to me.
She not only appreciated it, she expected it.
It’s pretty simple: if your date looks amazing, shouldn’t you look amazing too?
Or is that too much to ask?

Ed Ackerman