Game day creativity

I probably should have gotten this in before the college football season ended.
One of my favorite things during the college season is tuning into ESPN’s Game Day to see the posters fans created. Messages like “Rudy was offsides. Go Canes.” Or “Don’t tell my bride I’m here ’cause we’re getting married today.”
Or this from a Wisconsin game: “Michigan cites Wikipedia.” That’s an academic joke.
Or from Beaver Stadium: “Michigan moms make subpar cookies.”
But my two favorites are the following.
From a Clemson game: “You can’t spell Dad Bod without Dabbo.”
Dabbo Sweeney is Clemson’s head coach.
And Dad Bod is something I am so glad has become a thing.
And finally:
“Wisconsin players cry when they hear Adele.”
I sent that one to each of my kids with the message, “I know exactly how they feel.”
They both laughed.
Adele is their mom’s name.

Ed Ackerman