A festival fixture

Get folks talking about the Pittston Tomato Festival and a name that might not come up is that of Harold “Buddy” Golomb. But it should.
For as long as I can remember, Harry Golomb, his wife Audrey and their assorted family members and friends, sold their prize tomatoes along with a wide variety of fresh vegetables at their stand on the lower Tomato Festival lot, right near the bandstand.
You might say, in fact, it was Harry Golomb who put the “tomato” in the Tomato Festival.
Harry passed away unexpectedly last Sunday. According to his obituary, he was 79 years old, which was hard to believe. I would have pegged him ten years younger.
The obituary also pointed out Harry was a third generation farmer. He and his family operated Golomb’s Farm and Greenhouses along the Susquehanna River in Plains Twp. There they battled floods and droughts and everything in between and kept on going. Their produce was exceptional.
And for as much as Golomb’s stand was a fixture at the Pittston Tomato Festival, it was even more prominent at the downtown Pittston Farmers’ Market. My wife and I were regular customers purchasing fresh potted plants and flowers in addition eggplant, cukes, Swiss chard, lettuce, cabbage, herbs and, of course, tomatoes.
Harry was a sweet, sweet man. We’ll miss him dearly.

Ed Ackerman