A box that needs to be checked

I watch WBRE TV, Channel 28, news in the morning.
I may switch to WNEP Channel 16 every now and then but mostly it’s Channel 28.
The biggest reason is loyalty to my former students. While there is one LCCC grad in a key role at Channel 16 and perhaps a cameraman or two, I can name six working at Channel 28.
I’ve grown fond of the team of Chris Langlois and Kelly Byrne along with weather guy Stefano DiPietro, but sometimes they surprise me. Like the other morning when Chris said he had Old Forge pizza for the first time.
“I heard it’s not a triangle,” Kelly said.
“Right,” Chris answered. “It’s square. And you order a cut not a slice.”
How cute.
“I really should try it,” Kelly said.
No kidding.
I appreciate that Kelly, a Philly girl if I’m not mistaken, is still fairly new to the area, but Old Forge pizza is a box (no pun intended) that needs to be checked a lot sooner.
I have a suggestion for my friend Angelo Genell of Arcaro and Genell, my favorite Old Forge pizza spot. He should get up early one morning and surprise the WBRE team with a tray of pizza.
If Kelly Byrne has yet to experience Old Forge pizza, I can only assume she also has yet to experience Old Forge pizza for breakfast.
She’s in for a treat.
And we haven’t even mentioned white pizza.
(Wonder if Kelly can handle hearing when we eat pizza for breakfast we usually eat it cold. I know, I know, one step at a time.)

Ed Ackerman