Seriously, Siri?

I never bothered to set up Siri on my old iPhone. Could not imagine myself asking my phone to tell me a joke, or who was going to win the Super Bowl.
But when I broke my iPhone, my new one practically insisted I speak “Hey, Siri” into the mic before I could complete my set up. Having what seemed like no choice, I did, but swore it was the first and last time she’d hear those two words from me. My world was just fine without any help from Siri.
The other night I found out she may see things differently.
I was checking email on my laptop while my wife watched something on TV. My phone was sitting on a table next to me.
I looked up to see a decidedly creepy villain on whatever show Mary Kay was watching.
“He’s scary,” I said.
And out of the corner of my eye, I notice my phone light up.
“I’m here,” I heard a female voice say after a second or two.
I turned her off without responding, but I admit I kinda felt bad. She seemed so eager to please.

Ed Ackerman