If you called it love, it was

A few years ago a friend sent me one of those emails.
You know the kind. Take this survey, send it to ten friends.
I hate those things.
This one claimed if you got your friends to answer all of the questions you will get to know them in a deeper way.
No way was I going to pester my friends with this thing.
But I did read through the questions and the responses of the friend who sent it.
The second last one was: “Who will be the first of your friends to respond to this?”
There was a female name typed in.
The last was: “And which of your friends will most likely delete this without responding?”
Typed in was my name.
“I’ll show her,” I thought and started to respond. But then I thought, “Wait a minute. This is just a ploy to get me to respond.”
Before deleting it and forgetting it, however, I did decide to answer one question: “How many times have you been in love?”
I knew what my friend who sent it would respond and I was right. “Once,” she wrote, “and it damned near killed me.”
I also knew immediately how I would respond. “How many times have I been in love? Many. But my definition keeps changing.”
The point is, if you ever felt or thought you were in love, you were. Too often, we look back on a broken relationship and are tempted to say, “What a fool I was thinking I was in love.”
I’m not saying you weren’t a fool, or at least a bit of one. It takes a bit of a fool to fall in love. And I mean that in the best way.
But if you thought you were in love, you were. Even if it ended poorly, it was love just the same. Don’t diminish it by calling it anything different.

Ed Ackerman