Boring is as boring does

I didn’t hear the radio show, but a friend told me there was quite a discussion yesterday after a survey listed Bloomsburg as the most boring town in Pennsylvania?
No way.
When I think of Bloomsburg, the last thing I’d ever think of is boring. Bloomsburg to me is the scene of some of the most exciting times of my life. Of course, those memories are close to 50 years old.
The first girl who ripped my heart out and stomped on it was a student at Bloomsburg College (now University). Despite how our relationship ended, we spent more than three years building Bloomsburg memories. I’d drive down early Sunday mornings and we’d go to what in those days was called a “folk mass” celebrated in the downtown movie theatre. Then we’d have dinner at the Harry L. Magee Hotel. In the afternoon, we’d walk around a park near the river or hang out somewhere on campus. At night we’d grab a burger at a little spot on campus called The Nook, or drive a mile or two out of town to Romeo’s.
On homecoming weekend, we saw the band Three Dog Night (of “One is the Loneliest Number” and “Jeremiah Was a Bull Frog” fame) one year, and Gary Puckett and the Union Gap (“Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon”) another.
And I haven’t even mentioned the Bloomsburg Fair.
A couple of years later, my friends and I would drive to Bloomsburg to play nighttime tennis. We heard there were lights on the public courts there and when we ran out of daylight on the Pittston Area High School courts, we’d drive to Bloom where, sure enough, there were lights. You got a full hour for 50 cents. We’d play til midnight.
Now, I haven’t been to Bloomsburg in decades, but I cannot imagine it being boring. That’s primarily because I cannot imagine any place being boring. Boring is not a place. Boring is a state of mind. In other words, show me a bored person, and I’ll show you a boring person. A person who’d probably be bored at Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

Ed Ackerman