I don’t golf, but …

As we do every year, my wife and I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show on Monday. Mary Kay says this jumpstarts her spring fever.
My jumpstart comes much earlier. It’s the first time I see a TV commercial for “The Masters on CBS.” And that happened this year somewhere around the time of the Super Bowl.
True, they start plugging it early (the tournament does not begin until April 5) but that’s okay by me. Just the thought of The Masters tells me spring will come again. And although it has come in each of my 68 years on earth, I never take it for granted.
Recently, as part of a survey, someone asked me my favorite sport to watch on TV. My knee-jerk response was to say tennis. I’ve played tennis for the past 45 years and have been known to wake up at 3 a.m. to watch live coverage of the finals of the Australian Open. I also watch as much of the French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open as I can.
But as I was about to answer “tennis,” it dawned on me that I may enjoy watching golf even more.
This may sound crazy for a person who has never touched a club, but there’s something about watching golf on a sunny Sunday afternoon that mellows me right out.
I admit I was a Tiger fan before we learned all the reasons for not being a Tiger fan, but I’ve grown to appreciate a host of other players. And while I cannot relate to the play the way I can tennis, I nevertheless am in awe of what these guys (and women) can do.
Through the years, whenever anyone asked me why I don’t golf, I used to say I wasn’t old enough. When I can no longer run around a tennis court, I’ll take up golf, I’d say. But the truth was, and is, I cannot imagine doing what golfers do.
Stand me on a tee and tell me there’s a little hole 425 yards down there and you’ll give me four shots to get this little, white ball in that hole, and I’ll tell you you might as well give me a hundred shots. That’s how impossible the whole thing sounds.
Maybe that’s why I enjoy watching it so much. To me, it’s magic.
So don’t go looking for me April 5 through April 8. The Masters will be on CBS and I’ll be in front of the TV. Without a care in the world.

Ed Ackerman